Festival Guide


Clarks Flyer(Sept)


Camera Ready Artwork is DUE on or before October 15th, 2015


1/8″ bleed and 1/4″ margin on all ad sizes, PDF format with crop marks.  Use document bleed settings when saving as PDF.  Do not print bleed marks.

1/2 page • 5.50″ W 4.25″ H • $300

Full Page • 5.50″ W 8.50″ H • $600

Two-Page Center Spread • 11”W 8.50”H • $1500

Inside Cover (front) • 5.50″ W 8.50″ H • $800 (sold)

Inside Cover (back) • 5.50″ W 8.50″ H • $800 (sold)

Back Cover  • 5.50″ W 8.50″ H • $1200 (sold)


2000 FESTIVAL GUIDES are produced and available to participating retailers /offices 15 – 30 days prior to the festival and available at registration and event weekend. The Festival Guide features sponsor and vendor advertisements, editorial articles, Schedule of Events and a list of participating vendors.

Digital Submission:
Material Specifications: Advertising must be submitted in digital format. All images and elements must be placed at 100% in CYMK to SWOP standards with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. (PSD, TIF or JPEG). 1/8″ bleed on all ad sizes
Media: DVD or CD-ROM (ISO 9660 format). Media will be returned within 2 weeks of publishing.
Data Formats: PDFx1A files only.
FTP uploads: Supplied upon request
Proofs: Supplied ads are accepted with the understanding that the advertiser has provided a properly calibrated approved proof and will be forwarded to the press as a guide. If no proof is supplied, a color printout will be provided to the press; but due to variations in monitors and proof printers, the color printed may not be an identical match. Halftone proofs are available to all advertisers, designers, or agencies at $50 for each page.


For exhibitor information call: 760.902.9532 | Diana@MarloProductions.com  /   www.PSHealthFest.com