About Us


Palm Springs International Health and Fitness Festival


MARLO PRODUCTIONS INC. is known for producing empowering and informative events in the Coachella Valley including the DESERT WOMAN’S SHOW, American Heart Association’s RED HOT HEART BALL, and the DESERT BACHELOR AUCTION to name a few.  Marlo Productions events have contributed over $360,000 to benefit local charities over the past 9 years.  

Our Vision:
Have Palm Springs be recognized as a world leader in Health & Fitness by bringing together the best resources for the body, mind and spirit and offer the community (and visitors) an educational, interactive and informative three-day festival. It will showcase culture, engaging activities, holistic therapies, medical resources plus breakthrough products and programs that encourage and support individuals and families to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Advisory Committee is comprised of Dr. Dan Olesnicky, Bronwyn Ison, Paulina Larsen, Tiffany Dalton, Chef Daniel, Audrey Reed, Carol Corcoran and Susan Stein.  Event Chair, Diana Marlo comments  “We intend to collaborate our ideas, contacts and resources to proudly produce a healthy living festival that will offer our attendees education, enlightenment, resources and entertainment to positively affect their daily decisions about their health and well-being.”

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